We all have a story. We let it define us. It’s the reason, or excuse, for everything we do.

I’ve told my story. Some of you have heard it. The heart break, emotional abuse, the ADHD and all the psychological sh$t… blah, blah, blah.  It’s old and continues to define me for as long as I continue to tell it.

This is my work. The reason why I move my body, breathe and sweat. A strong, lean physique was never the catalyst behind my desire to push my body to its limits… mental health was. When I moved, I felt amazing. Empowered rather than a victim. Focused rather than foggy. Strong rather than weak. I craved this strength and needed it every single day.  So, every single day, I pushed my body to its limits and my body set my mind free.

All of this caused me to have the dream of sharing my love for exhausting the physical body to create emotional health. I still can’t believe that dream has come true.

I sometimes sit in my car in the parking lot of Melt Westerville and watch members pour in and out of the studio. I can’t describe what that feels like. I remember teaching to just a handful of people. They are still with me today plus around 4,000 others. I clearly haven’t accomplished this alone.  I’ve had the help of incredible people.

First, Ryan Sodergren, you’ve been with me from the beginning and you’ve seen it all…the sleepless nights filled with panic and worry, the tears, the sweat, all of it. The days I felt so unbelievably overwhelmed that I wanted to just say f&@# it, but you wouldn’t let me. You believed in me when I doubted myself. Knowing how I abhor early mornings, you took on my 5:30AM Lift classes, making you the first ever Melt Boss. Six years later, you’re still the one who keeps me going. You’re so loved by the entire Melt community and you’ll forever be loved and appreciated by me.

Our Melt CEO and my partner in crime, Eric Vetrano – the road has been more like a roller coaster and you have kept me buckled in. You’re a brilliant business man, but you’re also truly one of the kindest, hardest working humans (your word) I’ve ever met. Working with you brings joy to my life and I’m so grateful.

Our co-owners, Scott and Audri Humphrey. You believed in me and Eric and jumped on this ride with us. We can’t ever thank you enough for your support and guidance.

The biggest thank you of all goes out to the incredible Melt Bosses. Without you, Melt doesn’t exist. You’re truly the people who bring Melt to life and make it the healing sanctuary that so many of you already know it to be and depend on for your sanity every single day. We have the kindest, most talented souls leading our Melt experiences. I’m truly humbled and grateful.

My dreams have always been big. I don’t do much on the small side, so when I set out to do this, I knew I wanted to change the way people felt about fitness. Sharing Melt with Dublin is the first real step in achieving this life’s dream. I don’t know what we’ll find in Dublin, but we’re on the journey and beyond excited to see where it takes us. We hope you love us Dublin because we have so much that we want to give you. We have the most elegant and luxurious studio waiting for you. We hope you’ll come inside and find your fire. We hope you’ll come inside and find YOU.

With love,

Kelly Sodergren
President and Founder, Melt Hot Yoga & Fitness