Ahhhhh. We made it to spring which means everything is coming back to life, everything is growing and everything feels fresh and new. It’s also a time that many of us spend cleaning and organizing our homes after months of snow and paperwork has made its way inside, cluttering our happiness.

Clutter weighs us down and has the power to add stress to our lives. It also robs our environments of the beauty that could otherwise live in that space. Spring is a great time to purge the things that aren’t servings us and to find more peace and freedom.

Clutter comes in many forms. For me, if it isn’t necessary and it doesn’t bring me joy, it has to go. Our lives can get away from us and take on a life of their own simply because we have too much stuff or we have the wrong stuff. Clutter and disorganization can also keep us eating the wrong things.

A well organized, clean, properly stocked refrigerator is key to keeping your body weight and health goals. When my vegetables are washed, cut and placed in a clear container in the refrigerator, they get eaten quickly. They also make me happy every time I open the door and see the beautiful array of colors and they remind me that I should be eating my veggies and not grabbing something else that’s lacking nutrition. When I leave them awhile, they sit in the bottom and almost always go bad on me. To stick with your plan to be healthy and feel amazing, take the extra 30 minutes once a week, to prep your veggies and if you’re limited on time, full meal prepping a couple times a week will keep you from grabbing something that isn’t going to serve you. Work to create a peaceful, well organized, well planned home to create an overall feeling of control, calm and balance.