Breathe in. Breathe out.
Skin. Muscle. Soul.
Melting away the layers to get to your truth… your soul.

From a young age, I recognized that when I moved my body, my brain felt better. In my late teens, I struggled with a relationship that wasn’t healthy for me and I was battling severe ADHD that went undiagnosed. I found myself in a very sad and scary mental state. Yet, I was very athletic and loved to run. I noticed running would set me free – I could think clearly. I felt strong, empowered and capable of facing life. More importantly, I felt joyful and alive.

As life continued to challenge me, I continued to move my body and push it to greater places where I found even more emotional freedom. In addition to keeping my body strong, fitness was my medicine. It “fixed” me.

MeltMethod came out of this place, this need, to feel ok mentally; to create emotional space, freedom and joy through movement. I took all of the negative dialog that was in my head, the self-loathing, the doubt, the overwhelming feeling of not being good enough and I turned it around. Telling myself I was enough – I was capable and powerful. Then moved my body in capable and powerful ways.

I craved it. I did it every single day. Sometimes twice a day. Then, I brought in my extreme passion for music. I also turned up the heat because sweating while moving seemed to speed up the time it took for me to heal and allowed for a greater depth of emotional freedom. It got me to a healthy emotional state quicker. I paid close attention to my breath. Breathing in strength and confidence and breathing out weakness and insecurity. I would close my eyes and to avoid sounding cheesy, it was a magical experience. So magical, that I wanted to share it with anyone else who might be hurting in some way. Which, I came to realize, is really everyone.

The physical work in MeltMethod is no joke. It has to be challenging for the healing process to exist, for change to happen in the body and for the mind to open up, for the layers to melt away.

Breathe in. Breathe out.
Strengthen your body. Free your soul. Be ok.
On our mats. In the heat. In the darkness.
One class at a time, we’ll find ourselves.