Coincidentally, I’m writing this on a plane yet again. I’m sipping a margarita, albeit, a bad one, but it IS national margarita day and i was worried i wouldn’t get out when I land later in Dallas to get one, so, it is what it is. I’m sitting in between two very nice fellas. Fellas, I got that word from my favorite bartender at a little place in NYC I frequent with my girls, called Lure. “Do you have fellas?” She once asked us. Haha. “Fellas huh?” I hadn’t heard them called that in awhile. What do you mean by fella? ” Idk, i call mine fella , she said… You know someone u kick it with.” Me..”hmmm.. Its complicated and depends on the day, but listen girl, we’ll have a round of bubbly, deviled eggs and the spicy tuna roll.” Per usual, we sat there for hours and laughed our asses off and just loved each other and just lived nestled deep in that moment. No fellas present and we were perfectly fu#!$@g happy.

Fast forward to this moment. Me.. The plane. National margarita day. The fellas. James Taylor..I forgot to mention James Taylor, I downloaded his greatest hits before take off. I just needed to throw it back to when everything made me laugh. To when i would sing James Taylor at the top of my lungs. It’s working. I’m back there. I’m that girl with all the dreams, pre heart breaks, pre stress, no inhibitions, and just living and loving life and it feels so good. Maybe it’s this margarita. Hell, I don’t know and I don’t care, but I’m really happy.

What does any of this have to do with Melt or fitness? Well, it has everything to do with everything because it just has to do with truly living in the present. With truly living your best life. With being happy. Whether you have a lady or a fella, don’t let that dictate your happiness. You are already complete. You are already enough. You already have everything you need to be perfectly happy. You just have to go in and dig deep to find the courage to be open to being happy, to being free, to being you…To dance in the rain, to sing out loud, to give out more hugs than you could ever receive in return and To maybe even risk people thinking you may very well be insane. I recognize this isn’t easy, but I can’t wait to help you not GAF! This is my work, and if it’s yours, get ready because Melt Mental is coming your way. We’re going to yell. We’re going to dance. We’re going to sing. We’re going to feel all the things.

I wish you love. I wish you peace, but above all, it’s my wish that you’ll find extreme passion for life. We’ll get there together and we’ll build strong, capable bodies and minds in the process.

See you soon my loves,