Melt Mental will bring back your joy, reduce your fear of judgment and give you a beautiful body, mind and soul.

would you do if you stopped caring about what others thought about you? What would you do if you lost the inhibitions that come with fear of being judged? Would you dance when you heard your favorite song playing in the grocery store? Would you throw your head back and let out a deep belly laugh when someone said something that struck you as funny? Would you spin around in circles in the rain? Would you catch snowflakes on your tongue? If the answer is no, why? Is it that your life has become so painful or stressful that your happiness is so deeply buried underneath the pain and stress that it’s a struggle to find happiness in the simple things? For so many of us, this is the case.

My parents remind me often that i was a joyful, playful, curious child. I’d be the first up to do the chicken dance at a wedding. The first to dig my hands in the dirt and pull out an earth worm. I loved to make a complete fool of myself in order to get a laugh out of my friends and family. Sadly, that all changed when life happened. The stress of school, relationships, career and finances took the fun out of life. I found it difficult to even smile. I was buried under all of it, yet when I exercised, I felt alive and powerful.

You’ve heard me say it before, but moving my body to its max capacity brought about a complete state of bliss. I felt strong and powerful. My yoga practice helped me unite this physical movement with my breath and helped me uncover my joy again.

Melt Mental takes this concept to a completely new level. One emotionally charged song at a time, you’ll willingly push your body to its max, learn to let go of judgment and release stress using your own strong exhales and your own sighs and sounds as you move through a guided inspirational mind body sweat session. Not only will you find the joy experienced by your four year old self; you will uncover your strongest, leanest, most powerful physical and emotional body. Join me on your journey back to joy.