The first 38 years of my life, I felt very unsettled, and at times, tormented because I knew I wasn’t living out my life’s purpose which was to help others find their life’s purpose. Opening Melt allowed me to put that work into practice and to live my truth every single day.  From the very beginning, almost 8 years ago, Melt wasn’t about the fitness.  It has always been about providing a safe, judgment free space where our members, women specifically, come to Find Their Fire, to find their strength and that thing that lights them up and brings them joy…to attack life with passion and energy.

 As a child, I watched the women in my family put everyone else first in a manner that always felt a little “martyresque” to me, like their life’s purpose was about making sure others had a good life.  That troubled me.  I wanted to love and support others in my life, but I also recognized that my life had great value and was extremely important as well. Often, women are made to feel that their life is somehow less valuable and that their purpose is that of caregiver.  Because of this, some have settled into this place of willingness to take a back seat to others, to shy away from something they truly desire because they don’t feel they’re good enough or have the right to even desire it. We’ve been working so hard at Melt since day one to empower women and to help them live the absolute best version of their life; to show them their life is one hundred percent equal to anyone else’s.  Many forget that until 1920, women were denied the right to vote. We were not seen as equal and so many of us have felt violated and discounted over and over again because of this.  That type of constant assault takes a toll on a soul and it can force the person to bury deep into themselves and lose confidence.  They become broken, a shattered version of what was meant to be.  For a very long time, I was broken for many of these same reasons, but I recognized that moving my body made me feel strong and when my physical body felt strong, I felt powerful and capable and equal to anyone else. I craved that every single day and it allowed me to tap into my soul.  It’s been the greatest joy of my life to share this with others and help them heal and become whole again.  Struggling with my own personal pain and the challenge of being a woman business owner, reminds me every day just how important and how effective the Melt experience is.  It changes lives. It continues to change mine and for that I am damn grateful and proud.
The sole purpose of Melt is to help our members find their soul, so we are extremely thankful for the Me Too movement. Time is definitely up.  It’s time for women to find their power again. As a Melt member, we will continue to empower and lift you up and help you dig deep and do the tough work that is going to light you up in ways you can’t imagine….to open windows where doors had closed.  We’re not going to baby or coddle you in the process.  We’re not going to allow you to stay stuck in a life that doesn’t serve you because of the lies you continue to tell yourself. We will help you separate your excuses from your reasons and you will start to peel your way out of that cocoon you’ve been living in.  We are excited for you to fly.  Be open to the process.  Show up for yourself and for each other.  Instead of trampling each other so that just a handful can find the top, let’s build a ladder and help each other climb up.  The time for you to live your best life is now. We’re honored to be part of your journey and we’re here for anything you need that is going to get you closer to your life’s purpose; a rich, full, passionate, healthy, happy insanely fulfilling life.  See you in the heat!