Its been a tough week for all of us here in central Ohio. The senseless murder of 2 of Westerville city’s finest police officers has left us empty and heart broken. Our homes and businesses are wrapped in blue ribbons and glowing with blue lights. The officer’s vehicle is parked in front of the police department and has been showered completely with flowers, cards and gifts, it’s barely visible. The Billy Graham trauma response vehicle has been holding residence out front as well and the entire scene is truly gut wrenching. We have the families of officer Morelli and officer Joering in our constant thoughts and prayers.
(Click here to learn more about how you can honor our fallen heroes)

Then, on Valentine’s day, the day our country celebrates all that is love and all that is kind, 17 beautiful lives were brutally cut short in Parkland, Florida. It has us all shaking our heads with devastation and confusion. It also has us looking at the fragility of life as we wonder when we or someone we love may fall victim to someone else’s hate and utter disregard for human life. (Donations raised here will be used to provide relief and financial support to the victims and families of the horrific shooting.)

I’m writing this on a plane to NYC. Taking this flight always reminds me of 911 and how fearful i was at the time, an expecting mother. I was 7 months pregnant with my first and only child, Isabella, but I knew I couldn’t live in fear. I would soon have a child who deserved to see and feel all that was good in life and to celebrate and cherish those gifts every single day.

We can’t run in fear, in fact, we must do quite the opposite. We should chase after life and love it to the absolute fullest. The only way to snuff out hate is to fill up all the spaces with love. The only person we can change is ourselves. When we strive to be awesome, others will follow suit. When we unify and perform daily acts of kindness, that will become more of the norm. Rather than the negativity and bitterness that so many of us experience in our daily lives, we must lift each other up, love each other like mad, truly live, chase joy not possessions. We should throw our heads back several times every single day with laughter, soak up every second of this life and see it for the amazing gift that it is and remember we truly only ever get a glimpse. Let’s not waste it being unhappy or withholding love by holding grudges. Let us get out there and help our neighbors, our friends when they’re in need, an ear, a couch, a meal, a loving hug, a shoulder, a muscle. What if we made contributing to and enriching others’ lives our life’s purpose? It’s our job to live our best lives. When we want for others what we want for ourselves, we have arrived. Every single day, take a few extra love minutes in the studio or the office or at home and tell someone what you love about them. Look people in the eyes as you pass them and give them a smile. You will leave with a full heart, a joy for life and the comfort of knowing you are living your best life and you are contributing to the joy of others.

I wish you all the same love I wish for myself. I wish you all the same joy and success I wish for myself. May your life be a wild, beautiful journey of twists and turns with your hair blowing in the wind and the sun shining on your face. May you squish sand beneath your toes, be surrounded by awesomeness and suck every last sip out of this life, and, most importantly, may you feel all the things.
All my love,