Ahhh my loves, it’s the last day of my juice only cleanse and I am feeling all the things for sure. In between delivering the Melt Experience and running the business, my thoughts are consumed by my favorite food. Like most humans, I absolutely love food and I’m missing it terribly. I love to cook. I love to sit for hours at my favorite restaurants with my favorite people sipping wine, ordering dish after dish while soaking up this beautiful human experience. I’m also missing the deep connection I feel to my favorite people when we sit together and laugh. Really taking time to talk and hear each other while savoring delicious food and sipping beautiful wine. I’m missing standing over my stove tasting the dish I’m preparing to make sure it has just the right amount of spice and that the flavor profile is right. I miss every bit of it and for 10 days, I feel completely removed from my life.

So, why the hell do I inflict this misery on myself? I do it because taking these things away challenges me like nothing else can. It’s brutal and to get through it requires extreme mental strength. I don’t set resolutions. Rather, I set regular goals and when I reach them, I set new ones. I do however see the new year as an opportunity to take inventory on my life; to look at the year that just ended to see what I did well and what I could have done better. Not eating, cooking or entertaining leaves a lot of extra time for self reflection and introspection. As amazing as food and everything that comes with it is, it’s a distraction from looking at things that might not be so great in our lives. It’s a band-aid. It makes things appear better than they actually are. For that very reason, many people use food to fill voids in their lives or to mask their problems and self medicate. It sparks joy, albeit, temporary joy. Removing it from the equation eliminates its ability to be used as a crutch to feel better than we really should, forcing us to look at what is truly there—all the good and all the bad. This is why I go through this process every year. During the holidays, most of us experience great happiness obtained from food, family and friends, so it’s hard to get a real pulse on what our lives really look like after experiencing such abundance and joy. Stripping away such a powerful force in our lives, makes introspection and clarity truly possible allowing the inventory of the past year to be true and accurate which allows us to make clear decisions possible about any changes that should be made to habits or rituals.

As for the actual juice fast, it is a great opportunity to constantly flood your body with nutrition as you’re also eliminating all toxins from you body—especially alcohol and any preservatives or chemicals appearing in food. It’s a perfect time for extra self care, lymphatic system massages, yoga, meditation, breathwork, colonics or any self nurturing modalities that fit your personal philosophy. Personally, I drink upwards of 7 organic vegetable juices a day from Temple of Juice depending on how much I teach at Melt that day. On a light day, 5 is adequate. I supplement with chlorella, an algae in the form of a powder which has been studied for its cancer curing and preventive properties. I also add in acai powder, high on the ORAC value scale, and drink a ton of pure water and herbal tea. If you’re doing longer than ten days, it’s important to supplement with a plant protein powder as well. I’m not a doctor, so please consult with yours if this is something you’re interested in adding to your new year rituals. Where the cleanse is not about weight loss for me, you will lose approximately a pound a day. Over the ten days, I tend to lose closer to 6 pounds in total as my body is pretty much already at its ideal weight and my activity level is very high.

Whether you choose to do a juice cleanse for mental reasons, physical reasons, or both, I can promise you that you will come out on the other side with new found perspective, strength and an unbelievable sense of accomplishment. There’s no better feeling than making it to eating day. Send me any questions you might have. I might not have all the answers, but I can at least get you pointed in the right direction. Thank you for taking the time to read my words and I hope I’ll see you in a Melt Experience very soon.

To your health and happiness,