It’s so easy to feel out of control during the holiday season. We have so many obligations, deadlines and responsibilities, and everywhere we turn there’s a plate of something sinful and sugary and within reach—making us feel that our goodness has literally been hijacked every time we give in to temptation and take a bite or two…or ten. Then we do this crazy thing where we say, “Eff it! I’m gonna eat whatever I want and when the new year comes, I’ll get back on track.” There are so many problems with this.

Firstly, when we eat anything and everything without restraint, it loses its joy. It shifts from being that thing that is savored to becoming that thing that makes us feel disgusting and disturbed by our lack of discipline. It sends us into an emotional downward spiral and becomes an obsession.

Secondly, when the New year comes around, you can’t clean up your eating because now you have so much sugar in your bloodstream—you’ve created an addiction. This is really devastating because food is one of the absolute best things in life! It’s not meant to be abused or to send us into a cycle of self loathing. Getting a handle on the holidays can be pretty simple. Here’s what works for me:

  1. Implement a gift exchange with all of your family members. Yep…even your parents and keep the majority of gift buying for the children. Having to buy a gift for everyone in your family is not only financially taxing, but figuring out what everyone would actually want is just stressful as hell. I buy for my daughter, my family gift exchange person, my guy and my best friend. I don’t do Christmas cards…although I do love getting them so please feel free to send 😉. Personalized gifts are great for birthdays for the special people in your life because they’re spread out and you can just focus on that one person. Although the holiday is right around the corner, now is the perfect time to propose this new way of gifting for the next holiday season while the family is all together.
  2. Buy a case of your favorite wine to keep on hand for any unexpected visitors and host gifts.
  3. Unless it’s an actual holiday, keep your eating pulled together. Which leads me to…
  4. On Christmas day and New year’s, eat whatever the hell you want! This is a time to celebrate with friends and family, not worry about what’s on your plate.
  5. This is not the time to skip your sweat sessions. The more you move physically, the better you’ll feel about yourself and the less garbage you’ll want to put into your body.
  6. Lastly, and here’s my favorite, make your cookies but don’t eat any until you can sit down with a plate of one of each kind and truly enjoy them. Better yet, enjoy them with someone you love. Bingeing a shit ton of cookies will not send positive energy to your soul. It will kick up those feelings of self loathing and make you feel out of control.

I hope you all have a safe and happy holiday and look forward to making 2019 the most kick-ass year yet!