Why the heat?
At Melt, everything is done at varying degrees of heat. We have been doing it that way since the beginning, almost 8 years now, and we sometimes just take it for granted. After visiting many chilly studios in NYC, Dallas and Miami recently, it felt so good to get back home and into the heated rooms at Melt. On a grey winter day, walking into the studio feels like someone loving you enough to wrap you up in a warm blanket and shine the sun on your face.. It’s hard to not just say ahhhhhh. The stress of the day just seems to slip away and your muscles are warm and ready for work.

Besides the comfort and love you’re feeling, the heat produces a lot of sweat and that sweat does so many amazing things for our bodies. It helps to drive toxins from our fatty tissues, it allows us to metabolize fat, it increases heart rate and fires up an insane calorie burn. The infrared panels warm the body from the inside out and studies are showing promising results for melting cellulite. All of this is just plain good stuff, but none of this is why I fell in love with the heat all those years ago and made it the nucleus of all classes at Melt.

I did it purely for mental and emotional reasons. Until you’ve experienced it, it’s difficult to truly explain how your mind feels after moving your body in the heat and sweating more than you’ve ever sweat in your life. You feel cleansed. You feel renewed. It’s like a complete unraveling of everything that was wound so very tightly inside of you. This is what I crave. This is why after 8 years, I need the heat each and every day to be OK.

If you’re new to the heat, see our FAQ page on our website for tips and tricks so you can have a great first session, and read my last blog on hydration.

There’s nothing scary about it and you will quickly find it a struggle to move your body ever again in a cold room. If you’re ready to look better and feel better than you ever have before, I’ll see you in the heat!