Memorial Day is dedicated to remember our fallen soldiers. It’s important to take this day to truly reflect on the sacrifices that have been made for us all.  Most of us are given the day away from work so we can spend the day enjoying our friends and families.

This is a sad day for many, yet it’s hard to think about a holiday without instantly thinking about why we love holidays… the food.

There’s nothing like chilling outside with people you love, sipping your favorite drink, vibing to your favorite tunes, bathing in the sun and waiting for your steak or veggie burger to come off the grill. These are the moments we live for. Freedom in every sense of the word and nothing feels better than freedom, so be free.

Get an early sweat on and then eat and drink whatever you f&$:;#g want!
Yep.. You read that right. We don’t gain weight because we overdid it on a holiday.
We gain weight because we overdo it every single day.

Enjoy your freedom. Remember those who made it possible for you. Eat, drink and don’t count one calorie, but make sure what you’re eating and drinking is truly worth it. Good quality stuff, not processed garbage out of a bag.

Then be ready, because Tuesday we’re back to finding our strength and working it in the heat. If you’re drinking, please Uber.