Hello from my kitchen loves.

Today, I’m blending because my ass is busy and I need to fuel my fire quickly, but I also want to feel amazing and sustained until my next meal. Blending is awesome for quickly giving your body exactly what it needs. Try not to give it too much thought and just use what you have. Blend something different every day so that your body is getting a variety of vitamins and minerals. Keep the sugar low, but you do need some calories to hold you till your next meal so keep that in mind and maybe sprinkle in some raw nuts or nut butter. You can check out my video to see how I get it done.

  • Spinach (fill Vitamix or blender)
  • 1 bag of frozen blueberries
  • Cup of water
  • Chia Seeds
  • Maca powder
  • TBS Chlorella powder
  • 1 scoop Raw Protein & Greens (powder)

Blend. Enjoy!