Pick ONE membership and get multiple, custom-designed classes with always-evolving routines—because we don’t do “bored”. Oh, and our kick ass bosses can help you burn almost 1,000 calories with our signature moves. So stop looking for reasons to skip it—and start making time for it. Join us in the heat TODAY to melt into a stronger body and calmer mind.

Find the class that piques your interest most. To learn about each one, explore the classes below.


Less pirouettes. More squats.

This isn’t your typical girlie Barre class—it’s better. And it’s one of the few hot barre studios in the country. We do it in the dark with signature resistance bands and weights for a more intense, low-impact, every-muscle workout. To keep you on your toes, we’re constantly shaking it up with different moves and routines. Most importantly, we keep the music pumping and your body moving for a full hour in 95 calorie-blasting, fat-melting degrees.

You’ll feel absolutely every muscle (including ones you didn’t know you had) getting worked, toned and remolded into perfection. The result: insta-confidence in your leanest, strongest, best-looking (and best-feeling) self ever!


Take your journey. Change your body. Find Your Fire.

Ahhhhh. Melt Cycle. Breathe in. Breathe out and then climb on an unbeatable Stages bike and get ready for the best cycle experience of your life. For 45 minutes, the baddest beats will fire you up and bring you to life. It’s time to let the endorphins and sweat fly. No leader boards. No ranking system. Just you taking care of you in an inspiring and emotional ride. The room is warm and candlelit. Soak it up. Let the music move through you. Find your rhythm and pack up with your Melt Community. Leave exhilarated. Renewed. Changed. Better.


Seriously Intense. Absolutely Yo-phoric.

Strengthen and grow in your individual yoga practice while you’re sweating your ass off to an awesome blend of eastern-meets-western yoga. Welcome to 60 minutes of non-stop hustle and flow—strength-building, tone-inducing, balance-focused poses. You’ll hear traditional sanskrit and see advanced asanas (with modifications for all levels) while the studio is cranked up to 105 degrees of glorious heat and humidity. Oh, and it’s in the dark so you can concentrate on YOU—and no one else. Prepare to be completely rocked. The hot tunes and sensual moves will make you feel like a complete bad ass—while a meditative experience ultimately leaves you in a calm, grounded state of mind. After just one hour you’ll feel completely yo-phoric—and look forward to coming back again and again.


There's so much to crave.

Experience the Catharsis. Melt the layers. Find your Truth. Melt Mental is an emotional, mental and physical journey to become your best self, your strongest, most joyful self. We call it the healing hour. It’s therapy. We stay in the physical work until our bodies become uncomfortable enough to allow us to tap into the emotional pain, our challenges and to FEEL ALL THE THINGS. We learn to let go so we can grow. Barefoot or tennis shoes. It doesn’t matter. It’s dark. It’s hot. It’s what you need.


Flex. Sizzle. Burn.

Get ready for 45 minutes of weight training in the delicious heat. You’ll push yourself to the absolute extreme with a total body workout complete with ass-to-the-grass squats, lunges, burpees, deadlifts and more. The ever-evolving strength combinations are designed to blast calories, melt fat, build muscle, and gain strength. And it’s all done in an intense, highly-addictive workout that’ll keep your metabolism cranked for hours.


Stop stressing and get your @ss in here. You’re gonna love it—but to put your mind at ease, here’s a few tips:

  • We totally want to set you up for success. To do this, we need you to be here 15 minutes early. While your body gets acclimated to the heat, we’ll get you everything you’ll need to rock your first class.
  • Remember to drink lots of water before, during and after class.
  • Don’t eat a big meal before class but DO eat a small snack.
  • Don’t bring anything—just yourself. The first class is on us and we’ll hook you up with everything you’ll need to rock it, including a mat (if you’re taking Melt Vinyasa or Melt Barre), a hand towel and waters.
  • Wear tennis shoes for Melt Lift. Melt Vinyasa and Melt Barre are done barefoot.
  • Try NOT to leave the heat (the back and forth is harder on your body and can be disruptive for others) but DO go easy on yourself. Listen to your body, go at your own speed and modify as needed.
  • During your class, don’t forget to breathe!!
  • Start with the class that piques your interest most. Then go at your own pace. Find the right class for you here.

Gotta question?
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1 Membership. Endless Ways to Fuel Your Fire.

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