As I walked out of my first yoga class my exact thought was, “Hell no. I’ll never do that again.” Two years later I teach roughly 10 classes per week and own “The Beauty Boost”, a virtual space for women with the goal to leave women feeling empowered, healthy and beautiful. We host retreat getaways, offer life coaching, fitness events, empowerment workshops and a private online group called EveryDay Inspired. The goal is to help women create changes in their daily lives to continue feeling more empowered, healthy and beautiful.

This all transpired a couple years ago as I would go into my corporate job day after day feeling stressed, unmotivated and overall unhappy. I HATED sitting at a desk all day being locked to a schedule. As I spoke to more and more women, I realized we were all sharing similar feelings. Many of the women I spoke to were searching for that life balance but didn’t know where to start or how to get there. They also felt isolated and alone in how they felt. The Beauty Boost quickly came to life after this clarity and has been powering strong ever since.

So how did I get here in my yoga journey? What changed after that first class? Just like any fitness class or studio, you have to find the right fit for you. There’s nothing wrong with a deep stretch, slow class but that just wasn’t for me. After attending more classes elsewhere, I found my match and fell in love with the way yoga incorporates breath, the mind AND the physical workout. Then, about eight months ago, I connected with a friend who told me all about Melt Hot Fitness. I reached out to Kelly to teach and the rest is history. Now it’s a huge part of my life..and not just the yoga. I LOVE how it’s a one stop shop for everything. I love the way you feel when you walk into the studio and how welcoming everyone is.

And even in just the past month, Melt has become even more than just a workout for me (particularly the Method class) as I’ve been going through a difficult breakup..not something I talk about with a lot of people. It’s hard to describe this magical class in words so I always tell everyone to just try it! Method is described as an emotional, mental and physical journey to become your best self. That’s exactly what it’s been for me. I sweat. I move. But I also get the emotional and mental aspect of the class as well. You leave feeling like you can conquer the world and like you truly just shed a layer.

I’ve never felt more like a part of something in my years of teaching than when I’m at Melt and I’m grateful for the instructors, owners and students who continue to show up.