By Amanda Theobald

My melt story and journey into yoga can be described in these simple words “Sthira sukham asanam”, strong and steady.  I have always loved to workout but after having children the ability to train for marathons, live at a gym and workout at home without feeling guilty for leaving my children always made me stop. My fitness journey changed by stepping foot into the Melt studio in Westerville at 9:30 am for a Sodergren Method class.  It forever changed my life. When I left I felt free, almost floating to my car in complete peace. I joined for entire year after taking one class and began this journey of finding myself as an person, mother, wife and all the other masks we wear everyday. I felt like Melt allowed me to face my fears of not being good enough, skinny enough and striving to be perfect. This studio became a place of mental change and I started to see my life change in ways I never thought. Friendships started to evolve, I felt supported, loved and cared for and I started to become stronger both inside and out. Life’s craziness became easier to deal with.

I started my yoga journey taking a weekend trip with Kelly and some other amazing women at hocking hills. We held caturanga for hours…. maybe not hours but it sure seemed that way and I discovered how hard it was to cue a vinyasa flow. I was terrible but I had a strong desire to learn and grow more! So several months later I signed up for a 200 hour training with one of my melt buddies Sherri! We showed up to learn about asanas but soon quickly found out that our yoga journey would be much more. I learned how much I internalized my sisters death to heart disease, my crumbling marriage and my own battle of not feeling good enough. I learned more than I ever thought about myself and where I want to go. I’ve learned how to use yoga to free myself from pain and find love through challenge and movement. It truly changed my life and prepared me for this world and its craziness.

Soon after, I started to share my path with others at Melt by teaching. I found it challenging but saw myself growing in ways I never thought. I am truly grateful for each person that touches my life by flowing with me to unleash and find growth in love and kindness️. I am forever blessed in finding MELT HOT FITNESS and have found true peace and love in times of disrepair and misery to be steady and strong on my mat.