By Ryan Sodergren

It’s amazing to witness the kind of change you see in people who walk through our doors – Day 1 / Day 90 / Day 365. It’s this motivation and power that drives me to keep my classes moving. We have created a community that it supportive, and truly inspiring. There is nothing that compares to seeing people change – not just their bodies but their confidence, their attitude and their energy.

I’ve had the opportunity to teach for several years at Melt and I’d like to share something that we know to be true. You’ll get better results if you know WHY you’re coming in – and you need to be honest with yourself. Are you coming to drop five pounds, increase your overall health or improve your strength?

I encourage people every day to visit the studio, try different offerings and experience the community. It really helps to find clarity and purpose in their effort. The studio is dark, warm and it’s all about you and what you need. There’s zero judgment. The bosses and I will be with you during this journey, providing motivation and encouraging you to push past your limits. Let go of all the garbage.

The workouts at Melt are hard. They’re supposed to be. They’re going to help you get to that next level of fitness. If you think you won’t make it through a class, then you won’t. Getting the mind right first means speaking positively to yourself so that intrinsically you’ll be able to push yourself forward when you’re in a difficult spot. What the mind believes, the body can achieve.