I come to my mat because I don’t have all the answers. Life constantly presents itself with difficult situations, I am learning and growing continuously and most of the time getting it all wrong. The more I hit my mat the more I realize that it’s not about perfection. I strive to be the perfect mom to my one and three year old, but I get that wrong 200 times a day. I strive to be a supportive and stable wife, but some days I just crave my own space. At the core, yoga is about owning it all. I recently heard someone describe embracing our difficult emotions as you would a newborn. Not pushing them away but holding them close to us as if they were the most precious thing. After all, these struggles are what ultimately connect us.

My goals have changed, I yearn to find peace through ever shift and change in my life. Not to wait for the next step (although when I am done changing diapers I’m having a wine party and you are all invited) but to use the tools as I know them to be true from my yoga practice. When I become more aware of the present moment I am more able to see the hidden gifts within it. I can obtain the strongest version of my body but if I don’t have ways to define myself outside of that it will never matter. I strive to learn more and more about myself because only then can I help others. I love what I do, it has truly been my calling and when you are on the path aligned with your true nature, life UNFOLDS.

The Melt community is contagious. It’s a buzz that gets inside you, once you find that first release you find yourself craving more. Kelly has helped pushed me through my comforts as a yoga teacher. She understands that we crave NOT JUST the physical workout but the mental release. We want to feel alive, vibrant, current, bold and lit up– even if it is for only an hour a day. For some of us it’s enough extraordinary that allows you to make some more peace with the ordinary. The community at Melt has evolved into one of the most important facets of my life because of the amazing people teaching and equally those showing up to sweat.

So I leave you here as I do at the end of our moving vinyasa meditations together.

“Here is to not understanding everything in our worlds, but finding the ways to release it”

Namaste, Jenna