By Tiffany Campbell

I love all of Melt’s offerings but Melt Barre is where my heart lives. It’s different than any other barre classes out there.

This is not a ballet class. If you’ve taken Melt Barre, you know exactly what I’m talking about. In true Melt fashion – it’s dark and hot – just the way we like it.

We choreograph our classes with resistance band exercises that do more than give you a work out. We burn out your muscles to chisel your arms and legs. That’s right. We’re not messing around.

Melt Barre builds strength and changes your body faster than any other barre class. We strap you in and push you to work your body to another level of intensity. By the way – we’re the only barre class that uses bands like this. And we do it because we know you can handle it!

We pump the music. The intense beat drives our practice. You’ll crave the feeling, the intensity, and the fire in your muscles. The most extraordinary part of this class is the drastic change you see in the body. We push through the burn every time. When our calves are on fire, we lift up a few more times on our toes; when we feel the fire in our gluts, we kick through it again; when the thinnest band feels like it’s tied to 50-pound weight, we pull with everything we have one more time.

We’re driven to create fitness experiences that make you want to come back. Promise you’ll be back….