I met Kelly years ago at another studio where she taught classes. Every time I showed up for her class, I knew I was going to be challenged, and she consistently switched it up and made it fun. When Melt Hot Fitness was established, I eventually joined as a Vinyasa instructor. I have now been with Melt for almost 2 years and love the energy here. The community includes a large regular clientele who I have enjoyed getting to know over the years. We also get new faces coming in the door and I always enjoy getting to be a part of their first experience. Kelly continues to switch things up and keep things exciting. And co-owner Eric is that perfect host who is always making sure everyone has what they need and is taken care of. I was told by guests that Melt by far had the best customer service of any studio they had ever been to; nationwide!

Melt is the kind of studio you enjoy coming to as it always coaxes you out of your comfort zone, with a smile, and into that space where you grow and heal.

I will be offering a Whole 30 workshop soon. Whole 30 is not a diet! It is an opportunity to clean up your daily consumption of food groups that are most commonly known to cause issues, inflammation, cravings, IBS and much more. In the Melt Whole 30 workshop you will have the support of a community to help you stay motivated. You will discover new hacks, tips, and tricks to implement into your daily life. The workshops include a 30min yoga session followed by a 60min lecture & Q&A. You will also receive weekly emails throughout your program for additional support.

Growing up dealing with issues related to food addiction, depression, weight, and severe chronic fatigue, I always felt the source behind these issues was related to processed food. It was not until I discovered and started a Paleo diet that my overall health really started to improve. Energy went up, and weight and depression went down. Even with Paleo, old habits would periodically creep up and I would start to struggle with the makeover treats and would find myself getting addicted again. Whenever I start to lose control, Whole 30 is what gets me back on track by helping me re-evaluate my habits, reset my metabolism and strengthen my relationship with healthy food.

Stay tuned for workshop details.