For about two years, a friend of mine would regularly ask me how the group fitness classes I taught were going. I would share snippets of a recent class or workout and I would listen to her talk excitedly about the classes she attended at Melt. Some days she would demonstrate by dropping into a yoga pose she recently mastered and other days her eyes would bulge as she described the intensity of a Lift class she completed or she’d beam with pride as she found a newly defined muscle. She shared stories of friends she met along her Melt journey and how sacred the time at Melt was in the days of everyone’s busy lives. She asked me to try Melt several times during this time, but I was busy with my own classes elsewhere and Westerville was not a convenient stop in my daily life.

The announcement of Melt Dublin’s opening in June seemed like the opportunity for me to check out the inspiring community I heard so much about. Group fitness for me has always been about the collective community. Sure the weight loss and muscles gained are exciting, but that isn’t what the journey is about for me. It’s about individuals coming together and collectively overcoming challenges and barriers. And while the sweat is our own, we encourage and support each other, propping each other up when necessary, to reach our goals. I quickly realized Melt was founded upon ideals I believe in whole heartedly.

As a Melt Boss, I am honored to be a part of a fitness community that encourages the physical and emotional journeys that happen between the studio’s walls. For me, there is no better part of my day, than the last minute of a Melt class. The minute when we all slow our cycle pedals to a halt or sink into the sweaty mat in exhaustion, reflecting on the challenging class completed. The self-doubt in this moment is pushed aside. The pride begins to swell. We look around to make sure the familiar faces around us feel it too. It’s that moment when we realize, we showed up for our own reasons, but we are leaving having accomplished something together. I like to listen to members chat as they leave class. Amongst the complaints about burpees or tuck jumps, each person shares pieces of their own journey with another in that moment. Those moments shared together create bonds that are only understood in the dark sweaty heat. That’s the unique and supportive community I was immediately drawn to at Melt and I look forward to seeing the resilient strength of the community as we continue to grow together.

– Meredith

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