Let’s get real for a minute, because I feel like Melt has created a space for people to simply be themselves, talk about who they truly are and what brings them to that space. What drives each person to come in every day, work harder, and get better? I started at Melt because I have a brain that just will not shut off some days.

I had been using yoga as a stress reliever, and when I moved to Columbus, I felt the need to find that release. What struck me most about Melt was the heat. I was unusually addicted after my first time there…Melt Vinyasa. The yoga practice I had developed previously had transitioned within one hour in a way I will forever be grateful for. I was depleted after 20 minutes in that heat, completing the last 40 minutes of the class from my knees, but I went home that evening and found myself craving the feeling again. I didn’t know what kind of voodoo magic shit they had going on inside those doors, but I couldn’t wait to go back even though I could hardly move the next day. And it’s not just yoga. It’s lifting, and cycle, and barre, and method. I began branching out to other classes once I got more comfortable with the sanctuary, and once again felt a sense of calm.

I quickly realized what was driving that feeling– silence. For one hour, my mind was more focused on the heat and fierce burn than whatever was cycling through my thoughts. I found a vacation from my OCD. I began attending class 4 days a week….then it turned into 6 days a week….now it’s my turn to give what I’ve experienced to other members. I still feel anxious before every class I teach, because I want others to find their own ability to feel and cope and release whatever it is that they’ve brought in with them. It’s feeling alive. It’s me pushing them, and them pushing me right back to come out of my comfort zone, to put the anxiety aside and ride it out as a community. Laugh, dance, and be myself even with others watching. When they get better, so do I, that’s the magic of coaching.

As Jenna D. so eloquently put it, “it’s [our practice] not always pretty, but it’s always honest.” I’m so happy to have found a safe space to be open and move and groove with so many rad human beings.