I was introduced to Melt Fitness by Meredith Mundell. She couldn’t stop raving about this new gym opening in Dublin and not only did I have to check it out, I needed to teach there too. My first-class was Friday morning lift 5:30 am with Meredith, because of course who wouldn’t support their friend in their new adventure…and I was hooked. This is the gym I have been looking for since moving to Columbus. I decided right there and then 1) I would be attending Friday morning 530 am lift every single Friday 2) I needed to become a BOSS!

To be honest, fitness was never on my radar until about 7 years ago. Sure, I was active as a young kid, running, biking, being outdoors, I was born in the 80s and that’s just what we did, but once entering college my priorities were being a student and being social (all the time). In August of 2010 I signed up for my first gym membership, with the guy I was seeing at the time, because we both wanted a six pack. Two years into my membership and I was still going strong, however, the boyfriend and I, not so much. So instead on dwelling on my bad breakup, I switched gyms and found a passion for fitness classes.

My life was forever changed by fitness. I met my now Husband, who is my biggest supporter of my fitness journey. Even on our second date when he came down from Columbus to Cincinnati he was okay with me leaving him in my apartment (I think it was our second date) to go to the gym. When we made the decision I was moving to Columbus he knew my biggest fear was not what job I would take, or which area I was moving to, it’s what gym was I going to join and will I make any friends as a 30 year old moving to a new city. Without a doubt the people I have met because of fitness are my greatest friends, shaping me into who I am (literally and figuratively).

When you walk into a Melt, it’s more than just a gym it’s a second home, it’s the place you get to catch up with friends or better yet sweat out the stress from the day or week to just revitalize yourself, to make yourself better than you were the day before.

Esther Avon
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