I met Chelsea at a Ballroom Dance studio in Dayton Ohio, she was a student transitioning into becoming a professional and I was a brand new teacher visiting from Florida. I had no intention of leaving the beautiful weather of home but my mind quickly changed after I met Chelsea. I was crushing on her for sure. In a completely different state I would creep on her MySpace page (ya know back when that was still a thing to do) and my admiration of her grew as I realized how many passions and hobbies we shared. From music, to art ,and dancing. I knew I wanted to know her better.

So with the intention of furthering my career and pursuing her at the same time, I left my home state and moved to Ohio. It didn’t take long for Chelsea and I to become very good friends, and when I finally built up the courage to ask her to be my girlfriend she was quick to dash my feelings with the typical “I don’t really see you that way and I’m not looking for a relationship….I want to focus on my career…” I was crushed! After several hours in the fetal position (lol) I came to the conclusion it was better to be her friend and have her in my life than to take an all or nothing kind of stance. (If you ask Chelsea now she is adamant that she was testing me to see if I would stick around.)
And just like a river-rock’s edges are smoothed by the constant and persistent flow of water around it, I outlasted Chelsea and made her love me by being the best friend I could be for her. Also fun fact! I was Chelsea’s very first kiss ever. 18 years on this planet and she saved every bit of her self for her true love! I mean dude…they write fantasy characters after that kind of virtue lol.

After being with different dance partners we both decided that we would not only be together romantically but perform and compete professionally together. It’s the most amazing blessing on the planet being with her. She is pretty much the polar opposite of me when she approaches dancing. That opposition has caused some serious forehead smacking arguments, but at the same time it has provided the most opportunity for growth.
Over the years we have worked crazy hard! Prayed even harder and been blessed with so many amazing opportunities/memories together. To highlight a few
-Being invited to England to perform 2 years in a row at the most prestigious Ballroom Competition on the planet and placing 4th in the world.
-Performing in Canada, Los Angolas, and Mexico at concerts and a music videos.
-Being apart of 2 PBS specials

We feel incredibly free at present, actually part of that feeling is owed to MELT!
Dancers need to be flexible so…Yoga right? Finding the right community to constantly be motivated to practice yoga, fitness and health with is WAY easier said then done! We live in Columbus, a pretty “happening” place. It should be simple to find a studio that fits us right? Wrong! We tried at least 6 or 7 different studios.
Some the lighting was so…fluorescent others well. Let’s just say that they should relabel their HOT Yoga classes to LUKE WARM classes and on top of that can we get a little music?

When we finally stepped into Melt for the first time we signed up for a month unlimited immediately after our first yoga class. We went from Zero to 6 classes a week totally dedicated. Actually it was more like obsessed, we had to get our Melt time in or the day just didn’t feel complete. They just ticked all of our boxes. Perfect lighting, actual heat, amazing music, with inspired playlists to practice too, and Inspiring teachers! The sense of community when you walked in was contagious and it feels pretty nice when you’re on a first name basis after only your second class. And most important, the realness of Melt!

Needless to say when Kelly and Eric mentioned they were expanding and they wanted us to join the team, we didn’t even hesitate, we wanted more! Now we not only get to keep doing what we love but we also get to share it with others and get compensated at the same time. It’s been an awesome journey and we are beyond grateful. We can’t wait to see what the future brings but we do know that Melt will always be our “wellness home away from home.”